NHM history in the UK and Ireland


Nothing Hidden Ministries is the home of Love After Marriage (LAM), Single Life Workshop (SLW) and Spirit Connection (inner healing model). This ministry operates around the globe with its main office at Bethel Church in Redding California and was founded by Barry and Lori Byrne in 2008.

Nothing Hidden Ministries in the UK first began with the introduction of Love After Marriage at CLAN gathering (a New Wine Scotland conference) in 2011. Andy Hall, who at that time was on the leadership team of New Wine in Scotland, invited Barry & Lori Byrne to do the first Love After Marriage Workshop in the UK. Andy & Yvonne’s marriage was wonderfully impacted after attending a 5 day LAM workshop in 2009 at Bethel so they knew that the UK needed Love After Marriage. Over 40 couples attended the LAM at CLAN. This launched LAM into Scotland. From there it spread to England through a 5 day workshop again led by Barry & Lori in Northampton. At that time Andy & Yvonne were appointed the LAM Regional Directors for UK and started conducting LAM workshops and Spirit Connection Training (the inner healing support for the courses).

At the same time that LAM was taking off in the UK God was speaking to the Byrnes about how to use the material that was being used in LAM to impact the lives of singles. God said to them“get to the singles before they are married and get the hooks out” so they created Single Life Workshop which is all about learning how to do relationships well.

Barry, Lori & their sons Jeremy & Justin came to Harpenden to launch Single Life Workshop in the UK in 2014. At this first workshop Lizzie Hall, Andy & Yvonne’s eldest daughter, was hugely impacted and became a champion for SLW in the UK. Since March 2016 she has been helping to bring SLW into local churches. At this time the Lord spoke to Andy & Yvonne saying that they needed to “step up” and cover SLW as well as LAM. Barry & Lori agreed with this call and Andy & Yvonne became Nothing Hidden Ministries UK& Ireland Regional Directors.

In May 2016, having facilitated several LAM Spirit Connection Training courses, Andy & Yvonne opened up Spirit Connection Training to included both LAM and SLW folk who are keen to see their church culture impacted by learning how to do relationships on all levels well and with the level of intimacy that God intended His people to operate in. It was very powerful and hugely transformational. It was, they believe, at that point that NHM UK&I was truly birthed.