Love After Marriage (LAM)


“A journey into deeper spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness”


All of us have the desire to feel more close connected and intimate with our spouse. When you truly feel close and connected to your husband or wife, it brings deep feelings of fulfilment, love, intimacy and contentment. On the other hand, when you feel disconnected and distant from your spouse, it brings feelings of pain, heartache, frustration and stress.


We know how extremely difficult it is at times to know how to work through the pains, heartache and disconnection in marriage. This is why our goal at Love After Marriage is to help guide married couples into experiencing deeper spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness in their relationship- with the help of the Holy Spirit.


The marriage relationship is unlike any other relationship you will experience on this earth- the Bible describes it as, “They are no longer two, but one flesh.” God loves marriage- He created it to be a special gift for us to experience in this life.

By participating in LAM, you will:

  • Receive fresh and bold teaching on key insights of spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness.
  • Learn how to work through conflict and reconciliation.
  • Identify any blockages that may be preventing you from deeper connection with your spouse.
  • Receive insight and wisdom about sexuality from a Godly perspective.
  • Discover simple and practical communication and relationship skills.
  • Practice sharing and being vulnerable within the safety of a small group.
  • Have opportunities to practice the tools in a safe environment.
  • Receive homework assignments that activate the session material in your day-to-day life.

Upcoming Workshops

21 - 24November

3.5 Day Love After Marriage Workshop 21st-24th November Tamworth

21st November 2018 The Centre For Life Management, Long Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QA UK £195.00 Taking Bookings
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20 - 23February

Love After Marriage Workshop Southampton 20-23 February 2019

20th February 2019 Portswood Church, Portswood Road, Portswood, Southampton. SO17 2FY £195.00 Taking Bookings
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