Spirit Connection Training

As God’s precious creation, it is His heart to see each one of us living in freedom and wholeness in all areas of our life, walking out our true identity and calling.


However, we all know that life brings all sorts of struggles that we need to overcome in order to continually move towards His intended desire for our lives – past traumas, hurts, wounds, addictions, broken relationships…not to mention, we have a spiritual enemy that would love nothing more than to keep us from walking in our God-given identity.


This is why Spirit Connection was developed. Spirit Connection is an inner healing ministry that is designed to uproot and heal issues that have prevented you from walking in personal freedom, spiritual wholeness and thriving relationships

Spirit Connection is a deeply transformative inner healing method that helps individuals just like you not only experience healing in their own personal lives, but it positions them to help bring healing to others as well.

After 30+ years of implementing the Spirit Connection method in his Marriage & Family Therapy practice and seeing tremendous success, Barry Byrne, along with his wife, Lori have helped countless individuals experience powerful breakthrough and true and lasting freedom. They have produced an e-course and manual which will be used as the teaching resources for this course and it will be facilitated by Mike and Caroline Smith, Johnnie and Kate Humphrey and Cliff and Debby Jackson

By going through the Spirit Connection Training, you will:

  1. Learn how to invite God to play an active role in your own healing journey.
    2. Discover easy-to-use tools that can be practiced on yourself and others that will help address and uproot the real issues behind any area of struggle.
    3. Gain insight, revelation and confidence on how to walk others through deep and powerful healing with the help of Holy Spirit.

If you’re ready to begin helping others experience deeper levels of freedom and wholeness in their life, as well as your own sign up for Spirit Connection Training!










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