Spirit Connection Training

As God’s precious creation, it is His heart to see each one of us living in freedom and wholeness in all areas of our life, walking out our true identity and calling.

However, we all know that life brings all sorts of struggles that we need to overcome in order to continually move towards His intended desire for our lives – past traumas, hurts, wounds, addictions, broken relationships.

This is why Spirit Connection was developed. Spirit Connection is an inner healing ministry that is designed to uproot and heal issues that have prevented you from walking in personal freedom, spiritual wholeness and thriving relationships.

Spirit Connection is a deeply transformative inner healing method that helps individuals just like you not only experience healing in their own personal lives, but it positions them to help bring healing to others as well. The workshop is particularly designed to bring married couples or single/solo people back together. To restore disconnection between our inner-self,  our spouse and Father God.

While it is helpful to have experienced a LAM or SLW workshop it is not necessary, you will get breakthrough and experience Holy Spirit working in you and others during this workshop.

This workshop much like LAM & SLW workshops is realy impactful when “in-person” and to that end we can invite anyone to this workshop single and married. It is preferred that a couple attend together but if only one of you can attend this is OK too.

In the UK we like to take two and a half consecutive days, usually starting on a Thursday evening.  If this is of interest to you please let us know. We are demand driven, so the more inquiries we get the sooner we will be able to facilitate this workshop.


Upcoming Workshops