Single Life Workshop Testimonies

Experiencing Gods Best for me

“I had yet to find a ministry in the UK that cared about this “singleness issue!” When I read the workshop was for ages 17-70, I knew I was in the right place. A workshop to discuss intimacy and what may be hindering this. I never thought I’d be single at 45, but after doing this workshop, acknowledging the spiritual and practical issues that were holding me back from experiencing God’s best for me in this area, has set me free. THANK YOU Barry, Lori, Jeremy and Justin for your obedience, love, honesty, and commitment in helping people like me get free in this area. I leave “lighter” and better equipped practically to engage “normally” with God and men. I’ll let you know what happens next. God Bless you!”

The importance of my small group

“The last bit of healing that couldn’t be done just with me and God got done through my small group”

Connection with Jesus

“During the past few days being a part of Single Life Workshop, God really met me where I was. I received healing from past relationships, broke off lies that have prevented me from deeper connection, and experienced breakthrough from fears, doubts and misunderstandings in my current relationships. I was able to connect with Jesus and hear what He has to say to me about myself and relationships. Thank you, Single Life Workshop!”

Love After Marriage Testimonies

Much more connected

“The course was absolutely amazing and so God-anointed and Holy Spirit led. We were blown away by it and found it exceeded our expectations on every level…. we were placed on a table of 10, and our group gelled fantastically, even though we were from very diverse backgrounds. We all shared deeply and vulnerably with total strangers, who in the 3 1⁄2 days became true friends and warriors on our behalf. I had a profound setting free/deliverance of something I probably had within me for years and years – but I knew that something was dramatically shifting. Such was the power of God and fervency of prayers – fuelled also by other friends praying for us. He is continuing to uncover areas in our emotions that need healing, and we are much more connected and able to resolve any new issues together. We THOROUGHLY recommend the LAM course!”

So much breakthrough

“We’re writing in with a testimony of what God has done in our marriage this week. …..We came to the workshop in a mess and really saw this as a last hope for our marriage. We have been married for nearly 30 years. After a rocky start, our marriage never fully recovered. We had not communicated well for years. We had no sex life to speak of and spiritually we were living separate lives. My wife had given me several warnings that things had to change drastically, and I knew we had to do this, but didn’t know how. Then recently after a Sozo session, the facilitator mentioned that perhaps we should look at trying the LAM course. We applied, and made it!……God, by his grace, has walked with us through so much, our life together has been turned UPSIDE DOWN! We’ve had so much BREAKTHROUGH and we know there is so much more!”

Now feel happy secure and at peace

“I don’t hate myself or my body like I used to. For the first time ever, as far as I can remember, I woke up feeling happy secure and at peace. I feel safe in our marriage”